According to my most recent political compass test, I am most closely associated to the political figure of Ghandi. However I don’t feel like I relate to the guy that much so I am going to do a quick breakdown of where I stand on some social and economic issues. It will probably be useful as a guide to know how bias I may be, at least I will be honest about my leanings.

Social issues should be free from the state in many respects, the rights of all individuals should be upheld and protected regardless of race, sexuality or gender. In such a respect I may be likely called a liberal but in my opinion giving someone rights should just be characteristics of a human being rather than a section of the political spectrum.

Economically speaking, government regulation upon businesses is necessary. I do support taxation of the wealthiest for the individual but not at such an expense that an individual should feel disincentive to earn so much money. The taxation system should be closing the gap of inequality and that is the sole purpose, to grant a basic standard of living to all before granting luxuries to those at the top.


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